Bank Statement Loan Programs

If you’re self-employed, a bank statement loan is a helpful option if you’re looking to secure a loan for a mortgage.

Many people who are self-employed believe they cannot get home financing because they don’t have tax returns or financial statements to submit to the lender. This is simply not true. With a bank statement loan, all you need to submit are bank statements.

At Equity Direct Financial, LLC, we help many different self-employed clients secure bank statement loans. These are ideal for borrowers who can’t verify their income through the more typical methods such as W2s, tax returns, and pay stubs. This can apply to business owners, gig economy workers, realtors, consultants, and many other self-employed clients. In cases like these, they can verify their income through their bank statements, which can be provided to a lender for documentation and proof of income.

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Self-Employed Borrowers

If you’re interested in applying for a bank statement loan to secure financing for a home, contact Equity Direct Financial today. We can help you with a bank statement loan that helps self-employed workers and independent contractors avoid having to submit tax returns for loans. Don’t let the lack of a tax return stop you from getting the loan you deserve. We at Equity Direct Financial will ask you to submit several months’ worth of bank statements to us, which we will review and verify before we submit to a home lender.

Equity Direct Financial is here to help you find the best path to a home loan. We can get you an affordable mortgage that meets your budget, no matter the circumstances of your work situation or income. Contact Equity Direct Financial today to ask about bank statement loans and other mortgage solutions.