Purchase Commercial Rental Property

Many investors make a fortune investing in commercial rental properties.

Investors can turn to lenders for help purchasing commercial rental property investments through commercial real estate loans. A lender you can trust for commercial mortgages is Equity Direct Financial, LLC.

We can help investors find commercial rental property loans to finance the purchase of commercial properties such as office buildings, retail properties, and mixed-use buildings. These loans are also available for business owners who wish to renovate or expand a commercial space for their business.

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Secure Financing

Equity Direct Financial would be happy to provide financing for the rental of office buildings, stores, and other commercial buildings. We’ll explain how the application process works and how you can secure financing for an additional investment property. The process differs from applying for a residential property.

If you have questions about commercial rental property loans, contact Equity Direct Financial today. We’ll answer all your questions and get you started on the process of applying.