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If you’re an investor, you can qualify for an investor loan that does not require your personal income to be submitted and analyzed.

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$250K up to $8M

No Income Verification Loans

Avoid turning in tax returns and other proof of income that can be irritating and tiresome to handle. Instead, you can apply for a DSCR loan to finance the purchase of a single-family housing unit without having to submit an income statement or tax return.

DSCR stands for the debt service coverage ratio, which is simply the net operating income for a property compared to the annual debt obligation for the property. Lenders will follow this ratio when determining whether or not a borrower has the ability to repay a loan for a real estate investment. If many of the assets in your income portfolio come from the ownership of multiple real estate properties, the value of these properties can be used to finance an investor loan for the purchase of a new property.

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Equity Direct Financial, LLC can help you apply for a DSCR loan if you’re a property investor. You’ll need to put at least 20% down for the purchase of your property and there are no limits on the number of properties that can be purchased. Most importantly, you don’t need to submit your personal income information in order to secure the loan. Equity Direct Financial will help you find a DSCR to buy a single-family home, including a townhouse or condominium.

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Adam Vaughn
“Just want to express my appreciation to Jason Gregoroff with Equity Direct Financial. My situation was a bit challenging, and although it took a few months, Jason was always keeping me in the loop and checking in, allowing me to feel at ease with the process. I have worked with other lending institutions and please give Jason and his team a shot at helping you. They are friendly, efficient, hard working, but most of all trustworthy of your personal information. Highly recommend !!!!!”


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