No-Income Mortgage Loan

Real estate investors can secure financing for the purchase of another property without having to submit their tax returns.

If you get the majority of your income from real estate properties, this could be a great option for you. Avoid the lengthy, arduous loan approval process of a conventional loan with a no-income investment loan that you can qualify for based on the value generated by the property you already own.

A lender will determine whether or not you qualify for a loan based on your ability to repay the loan without verification of your personal income. For example, you won’t need to submit a tax return or months of pay stubs in order to prove your ability to pay off your loan. Instead, you will simply have to prove you can cover the payments based on the value of assets you own.

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Investment Loans

Equity Direct Financial, LLC can direct investors to no-income loans, which can be determined based on a ratio of a property’s net operating income compared to its mortgage debt over the past year. We’ll help you apply and prove you have the assets necessary to cover the amount of your loan. The ratio is your annual gross rental income from the properties that you own divided by the debt you owe on these properties.

Speak with one of the mortgage experts at Equity Direct Financial for more information about how no-income loans work and how you can begin to apply for yours. We’ll help you get started today!