Mortgage Refinancing

Equity Direct Financial, LLC can walk you through the process of refinancing your home using a bank statement loan.

This type of loan is made possible for borrowers who are self-employed. If you’re self-employed, you know you can’t produce proof of income such as a tax return or past paychecks. Not having these documents that most lenders ask for should not prevent you from being able to refinance your home.

The experts at Equity Direct Financial can help self-employed individuals refinance their mortgages through a bank statement loan. This is simply using the documentation of several months of bank statements to prove you have the income necessary to make the payments on your mortgage. Bank statement loans are absolutely necessary for self-employed individuals who may not have a tax return to reference as proof of income. Without some sort of proof of income, securing financing for a mortgage is nearly impossible.

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Proof of Income

If you’re a business owner, gig economy worker, consultant, realtor, or in some other profession where you may not have a W2, you can talk to Equity Direct Financial about proving your income for home refinancing through a bank statement loan. You can still refinance without showing the lender a tax return you may not have. We can help you secure the best possible mortgage no matter your income or employment situation.

To get a self-employed bank statement loan, get a rate quote from Equity Direct Financial and receive loan options from our experts. We can help you compare mortgage interest rates and terms to choose the offer that best fits your needs.

Contact Equity Direct Financial today to get the process rolling on a bank statement loan to refinance your home.