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If you’re a foreign national living in the United States, a foreign national loan makes it possible for you to own a home, even though you’re not a citizen.

They can also help you refinance your home for a more affordable mortgage payment.

Equity Direct Financial, LLC helps noncitizens find foreign national loans at competitive rates for secure financing. Noncitizens living in the United States can have the home of their dreams in this country; they just need a little help. Equity Direct Financial can help you apply for a foreign national loan to either finance the purchase of your first home or refinance that home later on.

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Going through the process of applying for a foreign national loan can be challenging. Equity Direct Financial will be there for you to secure financing without the need to submit a Social Security number or some other kind of proof of your citizenship. We’ll help look at the best loan options for you and begin your application to lock in your rate.

If you’re a foreign national who owns a home that was purchased through the foreign national loan program, you can refinance by using this program as well. We would be happy to guide you through the process. Contact Equity Direct Financial today for a quick quote to get started!