Jumbo Loan Refinancing

Buying your dream home may require more money than you simply have available to use.

In fact, that dream home might cost more than a conforming loan can cover. In these cases, a jumbo loan that pays for expensive homes priced above a conforming loan limit may be necessary. These jumbo loans can also be used to refinance your home.

Jumbo loans are a good option for long-term homeowners who are trying to refinance an expensive home. A jumbo loan can help you secure financing for your high-priced dream home at a rate that can save you thousands. While you’ll still need to make an expensive down payment to cover a lender, you might give yourself some breathing room over the long run by refinancing the mortgage on your pricey home.

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Flexible Loan Terms

Refinancing with a jumbo loan can help you pay off your dream home sooner while giving you flexible loan terms. Our terms range from five years to 30 years. Fixed rate and adjustable rate jumbo loan mortgages are available. You’ll accumulate less interest over years of home ownership. A jumbo loan can make it much easier for you to own your home.

Contact Equity Direct Financial to ask about refinancing solutions that work for you. We’ll go over all the options for your situation. We can help you close on your refinanced mortgage within 30 days. Call us today to refinance your home with a jumbo loan.