VA Home Loans

A VA loan can be used to refinance your home, as well as pay for home improvement projects to enhance the existing value of your home.

Provided by the Veterans Administration, a VA loan is a guaranteed home loan that allows those who served this country the opportunity to own their home without a down payment. The goal is to make sure Veterans and their families have the housing they need.

A VA refinance loan works just like securing a loan for a new home. Veterans who were not dishonorably discharged and served at least 90 days during wartime or 181 days of continuous active duty during peacetime are eligible for VA loans. Veterans can use this loan to finance a new home or refinance their existing home. With a VA loan, your residence will be 100% financed with no down payment. Since this is not a private mortgage, interest rates are competitive with a VA loan and there’s no penalty for prepaying the loan.

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Home Refinances

Qualifying for a VA loan tends to be easier than a conventional loan if you’re a Veteran. Equity Direct Financial, LLC would be happy to help you apply for a VA loan. All you need is a Certificate of Eligibility from the Veterans Administration and proof of military service from a VA Eligibility Center. Equity Direct Financial can help you if you’re a Veteran who wishes to refinance your home through a VA loan. We’ll make sure you have the best possible rate on your mortgage.

Contact Equity Direct Financial and speak with our qualified team members to find out more about how VA loans work and how they can be used for home refinancing. We can get you a quick quote.